Medical Marijuana

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Use of marijuana for alternative medical treatments has become Law in the State of Florida along, with many other states. Some medical concerns may include management of pain, stress, anxiety disorders, PTSD and many other physically and/or emotionally debilitaing conditions.

While the law has been passed for a couple of years now, does anyone know how to access this natural, medicinal wonder? Where do You begin?

It is a process. Many think they can go to a retail store and simply purchse what you want. Not the case. What is the difference between CBD products that we hear of and medical marijuana?


A VAST difference. It would be like comparing apples to oranges. Both are products with an herbal origin, but the affects and benefits are different. CBD products may be purchased in a retail environment. Medical marijuana may not be purchased without a proper evaluation, prescription and patient ID card and "license" if you will from the State of Florida Health Department.  First thing is to set up an appointment & medical evaluation with a licensed medical doctor in the State of Florida who is specifically authorized to diagnose and prescribe medical marijuana for your use. 


For many this is all so confusing and even overwhelming. We'll guide you thru all the steps necessary.