Touched by a Senior

Mary shares Memorable and Cherished Moments with a few very special clients ... everyone brings her special moments and memories ...

With difficulty speaking and walking with most, I introduced Alternatives.

I listened, watched, learned ... I brought paint brushes and bubbles and more...

He spoke to me with his art, on my face and we danced across the room when

it was time to move and sit. When challenged with walking, he panicked, he froze

and stumbled; when presented with Art, he performed and we danced across the

room without hesitation ... and smiled and we got to his seat!

She came to me to learn how to gain strength. We sat together and spoke for a bit. I smelled something horribly wrong.

As I looked at her feet, I saw such incredible swelling beneath her slacks and over her sneakers. I asked if I could lift her pant leg and take a look. She agreed it would be a good thing. That day instead of getting on a recumbent bike in her membership fitness center, Ms. Meg went with me to Urgent Care. At 92 and living alone, no family near, my dear sweet Meg had a severe wound, infected, and needing medical attention immediately. 

I took her to wound care treatments 3x a week for 6 months and cared for her 2x a day in her home for the duration.  I gave her an incentive .. "Work toward getting on the golf course and in your new golf shoes". It was winter in Charleston, SC at the time. Seabrook Island would welcome her back to the course by that summer!

Oh what I have learned from Seniors!